Hurricane Sandy And Struggling NYC-Area Musicians in New York Times

New York City is slowly making its way back to normal and jazz clubs are opening back up again. However many musicians are still struggling. This New York Times article points out that less affluent musicians have been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. Some have had equipment destroyed, missed much-needed gigs, and are still without power and basic necessities. Share this post to let people know that hard-working jazz musicians need a safety net they can rely on.

“Back in the Groove After the Storm”

“Aside from the most obvious need of water, warmth, food and money, hundreds of musicians have lost gigs because of Sandy,” wrote Wendy Oxenhorn, the foundation’s executive director. “Clubs are closed, and musicians haven’t been able to travel out of town for work either.” Ms. Oxenhorn described driving from one address to the next looking after musicians without power or phone service, some of them elderly and lacking necessary provisions.