Phil woods stands up for justice for jazz artists in jazz inside magazine

The latest edition of Jazz Inside magazine features an interview with saxophonist and Justice for Jazz Artists endorser Phil Woods, in which he urges club owners to come to the table to discuss the proposed pension plan for musicians in their clubs. Phil expressed support for J4JA’s plan and dismay at club owners’ unwillingness to live up to the promises they made (click the link below to read the full exchange):

JI: Any pet peeves you’d like to mention about
the treatment of musicians by some club owners?

PW: I wish they’d sign up with the union on the
pension plan. It’s scandalous that they agreed to
it and now they’re all reneging on it. You make a
living on jazz and you’re not going to help us
when we retire? It’s pennies for the pension fund
and they’re making a million dollars a year. It’s
a pet peeve, big time.

Catch the full interview HERE.