J4JA Organizer Writes About Challenges of Building Movements That Matter

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John O’Connor—Local 802 Vice President and a key organizer of the J4JA campaign—has an illuminating article in the newest issue of Allegro (Local 802’s monthly publication) about union membership and what it takes to build meaningful movements that result in real change.

O’Connor’s piece, titled “You’ve Got to Be In It to Win It,” argues that the best way to win real economic change is through solidarity that extends to every member of a community. In other words, it’s easier to achieve victory for everyone when all members have a stake—and stand together as part of a common cause.

This is one of the guiding principles of the Justice for Jazz Artists campaign—building a critical mass of community support is vital to obtaining economic security for more of the community’s hard-working, talented artists. Our prominent musician endorsers, who stand up for the movement’s goals even when they personally may not be the ones most in need, are shining examples of this principle of solidarity.

Mr. O’Connor puts it succinctly:

I know several jazz musicians who are members of Local 802 for this reason … they see the union as a social compact with their brothers and sisters.

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