Mountain View

Photo by Jimmy Katz

Joe Lovano, a long-time J4JA supporter, Local 802 member and talented musician, speaks out about the Justice for Jazz Artists campaign and building solidarity in the jazz movement in the new issue of Allegro.

Local 802 rep Bob Pawlo sat down with Mr. Lovano for an interview about growing as a musician, early gig stories and favorite players, technique, advice for young musicians and his feelings on the Justice for Jazz Artists campaign.

Jazz players are dedicated artists and innovators and the fight for economic justice in the community is about more than security for individual artists, as important as that is. Our campaign is about both obtaining security for the artists and maintaining an environment where the art form can continue to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the culture, as it has for decades. Joe nails it when he says:

Justice for Jazz Artists is so important, and it has to apply to all of our work. This campaign is just the first step in reaching that goal. People need to know that we love to play and we live to play but we also play to live so show the love back and treat us right!

See what Joe had to say to club owners and about life as a musician at Allegro’s site, here.