Tell KIDAM: They Played, You Pay!

Back in January, French film company KIDAM recorded 27 bands at Winter Jazzfest to appear on Mezzo TV throughout Europe. Today, those bands still have not been paid their full wages and benefits. What’s more, many of the acts have received NOTHING for their work. This situation is unacceptable.

J4JA needs your help in letting KIDAM know that fans of the art will not tolerate their exploitation of these musicians. Learn more here and join musicians at a RALLY NEXT THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8th at 2pm on Madison between 51st and 52nd (RSVP Here). Visit the musicians’ page and sign your name to their email petition, which will send an email letting KIDAM know that it’s unacceptable for them not to uphold their end of the bargain with some of New York’s top musicians.

Additionally, please take time to make your voice heard on social media. Take to Twitter and Facebook to send KIDAM a strong message: #PayTheBandsKIDAM!

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