Tell KIDAM: They Played, You Pay!

French production company KIDAM is cheating New York’s top jazz musicians by refusing to pay what they are legally obligated to pay them. It has been more than nine months since the Paris production company KIDAM entered into an agreement to pay wages and benefits for music recorded at New York’s Winter Jazzfest, and yet many musicians have still not received full payment by the company.

KIDAM signed a “Single Project Letter of Agreement” on January 7, 2015 in adherence to the American Federation of Musicians’ Television Videotape Agreement. The contract details wages and benefits for musicians recorded at the legendary Winter Jazzfest for future broadcast on the commercial French television station Mezzo, which reaches approximately sixteen million subscribers in thirty-nine countries.

Well over a hundred musicians are covered by this agreement, and yet Kidam left the country and has refused to honor their contractual promises. To date, no musician has been fully paid, and some musicians have had their dues deducted by KIDAM and not forwarded to the Local 802 Musicians Union.   After months of excuses from KIDAM, the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada filed a federal lawsuit in New York seeking all payments owed to musicians.


Don’t Let KIDAM Get Away With It!

Tell KIDAM you won’t tolerate their exploitation of the musicians of Winter Jazzfest, whose work they recorded. KIDAM has still not paid some musicians at all, and refused to honor the terms of their agreement for others, 9 months after the fact.

Speak Out on Social Media!

Take to social media, and send KIDAM a strong message: #PayTheBandsKIDAM!

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Or use these Twitter-ready sample tweets — just copy and paste into Twitter!

RALLY FOR JAZZ: @KidamProd refusing to pay musicians; join us in protest Thurs 10/8! http://tinyurl.com/nceplbv @mezzo_tv #PayTheBandsKIDAM

Quelle horreur! French companies @Kidamprod @mezzo_tv refuse to pay musicians! http://tinyurl.com/nceplbv/ #PayTheBandsKIDAM

#WinterJazzFest artists played … 9 months later @KidamProd won’t pay! http://tinyurl.com/nceplbv/ @mezzo_tv


Attend the Rally and TAKE ACTION!

Musicians will rally Thursday, October 8th, at 2pm in front of Lagardere Offices on Madison between 51st and 52nd.

Lagardere is the multi-national media company that owns Mezzo TV, the French channel who is broadcasting the footage from the festival.

Send a message KIDAM CEO Alexandre Perrier and urge KIDAM, Mezzo and Lagardere to do the right thing and pay the musicians whose work they are profiting from!

Your email will read:

Dear Mr. Perrier,

I am deeply troubled that after 9 months your producer, Francois Pierre Clavel, has yet to honor the full terms of the union contract he signed to record musicians during the Winter Jazz Fest in New York City on January 9th and 10th of this year.  Mr. Clavel signed an agreement with the Musicians Union for recording rights where he, acting as a representative of Kidam, promised to pay wages and benefits to the musicians he recorded and filmed. These talented musicians struggle to make a living providing us with some of the best music available on the planet. It is an insult and a travesty that unscrupulous people in the music business, such as Mr. Clavel, take advantage of musicians and do not honor their agreements. The musicians are owed wages and benefits and should be fully paid post haste according to the agreement Mr. Clavel signed.

Let KIDAM’s CEO know how important it is to you that jazz musicians are treated fairly:

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Having trouble sending an email with the form? Your may also send the above message to Mr. Perrier directly using the following address: alexandre@kidam.net.

With continued problems, please email us here.