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Send an email to the owners/managers of Birdland (Gianni Valenti, Ryan Paternite), Blue Note (Steve Bensusan), Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola (James Grooms), Iridium (Ron Sturm), Jazz Standard (James Polsky, Mark Maynard-Parisi, Seth Abramson, Zak Shelby-Szyszko), and The Village Vanguard (Lorraine Gordon, Deborah Gordon, Jed Eisenman).
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Dear Club Owner,
I urge you to help stop the exploitation of jazz musicians. Respecting jazz artists who play your club means offering a fair pay scale, pension contributions, protection of recording rights and a grievance process to address abuses. In these ways, venerable jazz clubs can show real esteem for the men and women who sustain this great American art form!

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